"Tomat dianggap sebagai sayur, bukan buah."

Translation:Tomatoes are considered vegetables, not fruits.

October 15, 2018

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Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruits. Wisdom is not putting them in a fruit salad.


One is knowledge of botanical classifications. The other is knowledge of appropriate cultural practices and values.


Kecuali oleh saya.


I'll have to do this in English, I'm afraid. The part of the tomato plant that we eat is the fruit, the seeds with their nutritive part. I think it may actually be a berry of sorts, but I forget that distinction. When we eat the other parts of celery (stalks), carrots (roots), spinach (leaves), etc., they are vegetables. Peppers are another fruit that we often include with vegetables, I guess because they are less sweet than some other fruits. Both tomatoes and peppers make wonderful jam, though.


So is tomato ketchup a tomato jam?


No, it is a sweet purée, I believe. Tomato jam is a jam much like any other fruit jam. I particularly like it on turkey sandwiches. Pepper jams are also quite nice on those.


I don't know why this argument is always about tomatoes I can think of many things we call vegetables that aren't really when you think about it.


Are there any other than tomatoes, peppers, and corn (maize)? Of course, these are all New World plants, so maybe it was that exoticism that had them called vegetables in so many European languages.


Eh sure there are, there's zucchinis, pumpkins, cucumbers etc. (They are not that exotic, or are they? O.O)


"Tomatoes are considered as vegetables, not fruits" was marked wrong. I put "as" since the translation word for "sebagai" is shown as "as".


You can't always use the dictionary generated definitions in Duolingo to come up with a grammatical sentence in English. They are telling you the meaning of that Indonesian word out of context


Countable or uncountable noun............. fruit


Yes, 'fruits' is incorrect in this context, in my opinion.


This sentence refers to what most people consider them to be not what they technically are. Also translations will never sound right. Its up to the translator to make sense of it. Im glad duo does literal translations


Agreed. A good reason why someone should not try to learn English from an Indonesian lesson!


Tomatoes are considered as...?


This English sounds wrong


It is wrong. The word should be 'fruit' not 'fruits'.


This sentence appeared again during Level 0 from the Science skill. I remember that it had been first introduced before the 3rd checkpoint. Duo, please fix it.


Hmm. All 3 of the Indonesians I asked (2 from Jawa Timur, 1 from Sumba) said tomatoes are considered fruit. Accurate sentence for an Estadounidense to explain to an Indonesian about USA culture, but not my experience of Indonesian culture (but perhaps other parts of the islands are different in this—Indonesia is quite culturally diverse).

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