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  5. "Ahéheeʼ shimá yazhí."

"Ahéheeʼ shimá yazhí."

Translation:Thank you aunt.

October 15, 2018



On Navajo Word Of The Day yázhí means little one and shimá yázhí means my mother's younger sister so my aunt


Seems like "Thank you auntie" would be a more appropriate translation. I don't know anyone who calls their aunt "aunt" instead of "auntie". (auntie is currently not accepted)


I don't know anyone who calls their aunt "auntie." Might be a regional thing?


New England, Portuguese/French/German family. All of my aunts on both sides were "Auntie " or directly called "Auntie" if spoken to directly. Sometimes, on the Portuguese side, I would say "Tia" to certain aunts. "Thanks Auntie" was common, but never "Thanks Aunt", I could see "Thanks Aunt NAME" but would seem less familial than "Auntie". It wasn't just a quirky thing my family did. But, it's interesting to hear that it might be a bit less common than I expected. Thank you for that Sariah.


Yeah, I'm from the west coast.

I tried to get my nephews and nieces to call me auntie and it never caught on. :D


Darn, too bad, maybe teach them words for similarly endearing words for aunt in other languages and see if those catch on? Get them DuoLingo-ing and maybe DragonBox-ing too!


Yeah this is regional. Neither "auntie" nor "aunt" as forms of address are common here in Southern Indiana. We just address our aunts by name.


I Thought the same

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