"She asks for food."

Translation:Dia meminta makanan.

October 15, 2018

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The answer includes the root word 'minta' for 'ask'. What is the difference between using the root words 'minta' and 'tanya'?


The word "ask" can mean 2 different things. In some languages, such as Indonesian and Spanish, we have 2 different words for each meaning.

If you are saying "ask (for)" as "order" or "demand", just like the sentence given, it is "minta" not "tanya". If you are saying "ask" as "question", it is "tanya".

Hope that explanation helps! :))


Why not memakan?


Memakan is a verb, makanan is a noun. Both comes from the same original word which is makan, but different prefix and suffix can change the meaning or the form of a word. In this case, the sufix -an is used to make the original word "makan" to be a noun, the result is "makanan" (food). Prefix me- is used to define a verb and making it as an active voice, therefore if you add it to "makan" it becomes "memakan", which means eating.


"Memakan" means "to eat" in English. Eating something and asking for something are just different things, aren't they?


If anyone's confused, she literally just asks for food, like begging or something

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