can you translate this to chinese?

The information contained herein is subject to change without notification as may be required by the relevant authorities or the developer's architect and cannot form a part of an offer or contract. Whilst every care has been taken in providing this information, the owner, developer and managers cannot be held liable for variations. All pictures are artist impressions only.The items are subject to variations, modifications and substitutions as may be recommended by the Company's Architect and/or relevant Approving Authorities.

October 15, 2018


im sorry i cant

October 18, 2018

this is google translated. not the greatest option, but still.

此处包含的信息如有变更,恕不另行通知,可能是相关机构或开发商的架构师所要求的,不能构成要约或合同的一部分。 虽然在提供此信息时已经采取了一切措施,但所有者,开发人员和管理人员不对变更承担责任。 所有图片仅为艺术家印象。项目可能会受到公司建筑师和/或相关审批机构推荐的变更,修改和替换。

October 18, 2018

That's not accurate :/

October 21, 2018

i know. this is GOOGLE TRANSLATED

October 30, 2018

此处包含的信息如有变更,恕不另行通知 . 相关机构或开发商的架构师所要求的,不能构成要约或合同的一部分。 在提供此信息时已经采取了一切措施 . 所有者,开发人员和管理人员不会对所有变化承担任何责任。 所有图片仅为艺术家印象。项目会受到公司建筑师和/或相关审批机构推荐的变更,修改和替换。

October 22, 2018
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