"Ja, sie schicken uns zwei Leute."

Translation:Yes, they are sending us two people.

May 9, 2014



I don't understand why sending people is part of this lesson. Thoughts?

October 23, 2016


"Did you call the Help Desk about the problem with our computer?"

"Yes, they are sending us two people."

Part of the fun with Duolingo is trying to add context where there was never meant to be any context. :)

July 4, 2017


I thought it was meant to be like downloading two people or something

January 3, 2018


why not "two persons"?

September 5, 2015


"Persons" (that is, the plural form) is not generally used in English except in legal forms. You might see a sign in an elevator, for example, that says "Maximum occupancy: 11 persons," but otherwise you'd usually refer to one person, two people, and so on.

September 5, 2015


I wrote two persons and was accepted.

January 4, 2019


Would "yes, they sent us two people" work?

August 17, 2016


"They sent us two people" is past tense. The German sentence is present tense.

August 17, 2016


Can this just be seen as the polite form? As in "Yes, you send us 2 people?"

January 9, 2017


That would need a capital S in sie.

October 25, 2017


The English in their answer above is correct. To me DL suggested "they send us two people" which is not correct English. (Englisch ist nicht meine muttersprache)

January 12, 2018


"They send us two people" is also correct, but the meaning is just a little different.

"They are sending us two people" means that right now, they are in the process of getting two people to us.

"They send us two people" might be used in a context in which a routine is established: for example, "We have a problem like this about once a month. We call technical support. They send us two people."

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January 12, 2018
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