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"There is no celery in the fridge."

Translation:Tidak ada seledri di kulkas.

October 15, 2018



tersebut was never introduced before... any difference between it and itu?


What's the difference between ada and adalah?


Ada is used to:

1) Indicate a location

Example: Tini ada di kantor = Tini is at the office

=> In this context ada is optionnal

2) Indicate a presence (means "there is" or "there are" in English)

Example: Ada kucing di dapur = There is a cat in the kitchen

=> In this case you need to use ada. => A more formal way is to use terdapat instead of ada

3) Indicate a possession:

Example: Dia tidak ada uang = He/She doesn't have money => In this case it is a synonym of punya, mempunya, memiliki


Adalah means "am, is, are" and is optional.

It is used to compare or describe two things which are the same or equal.


Dia adalah adik saya = she is my younger sister => "Dia" and "adik saya" are the same, so "adalah" can be used.


I thought "ada" can also mean "am, is, are", so is that wrong?


I used "tiada" and it was wrong, reported it.


And is "takde" also a word or just Jakarta slang?


Takde is malay word, in indonesian tak ada or tidak ada

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