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  5. "Turn off the light."

"Turn off the light."

Translation:E hoʻopio i ke kukui.

October 15, 2018



I answered "E hoʻopio ʻoe I ke kukui." Including the subject should not be considered incorrect.


I agree, but this course is still in a very early beta stage. As long as you report it, they'll get around to fixing it.


Goodness, I did this wrong. I put discussion for all the ones I questioned were marked incorrectly. I know see the report button! Yikes! Thanks for posting. I would have continued to post discussion instead of report.


Happy to help! Though, including both a report and a comment for each mistaken question may prove helpful; both to the team and everyone out here learning. I wouldn't worry about any missteps.


Only the "My answer should have been accepted" report is of any value. If you are certain that what you wrote was a correct and valid way to translate the sentence with no errors, then it is the best way to tell them they are missing an acceptable variation. They will be notified of exactly what sentence you attempted. It is easy for them to add that variation in so that next time it will be accepted. And you will get an email notifying you that they added it.

All of the other reports basically just say, "something is not right" and so are completely useless. For any other problems or questions, the sentence discussions are the best place to ask about or explain the problem.


Or the last resort is to vote up or down on the translation given on the top of this discussion page. This is for cases where you think DLHawaiian's translation is not good, not for cases where you think your translation should also be accepted.


That does not provide any feedback for the contributors. That only determines where this discussion appears in the Top All Time list.

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