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  5. "Demi waktu."

"Demi waktu."

Translation:For the sake of time.

October 15, 2018



It also sounds weird to an Australian. In context (like the professor example) i could figure it out but it sounds like a combination of different sayings into something 'unique'


This is not really a thing we say in US English. What does it mean? When would you say this?


"For the sake of time, I won't stop by the shop first." - if running late to get somewhere. I've definitely heard it said in British English to mean "to save time", though more often by older people.


Thanks Ria for giving a context. The sentence as given would never be used in Australia. Here we would say "In order to save time"


It is poetic if you ask me. And there is a song from a band called 'Ungu' with that exact title. It's good. Here it is:

Demi Waktu

Maybe you've heard "For God's sake", "For Goodness' Sake" or "For Christ's sake" as another saying of "For the sake of God" and in poetic way of saying, there is also "For the Sake of Love".

"Why are you doing this?" "For the sake of love/God/anything"

P/S: There is also a chapter in the Quran (since Indonesia is where most Muslims are) with this exact title too.


What about a professor cruising over some part of the curriculum to save time during the lecture? I feel like “for the sake of time” wouldn't sound too out of place even coming out of the mouth of an American.


How about "on account of time..."

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