"Does he sing better than Peter?"

Translation:क्या वह पीटर से अच्छा गाता है?

October 15, 2018

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Here in the adverbial sense is अच्छा used instead of बेहतर to mean "better"?


"वह noun से adj. verb है" is the way of saying "He/she verbs more adj. than noun". The adverb construction is (usually) 'adj. से verb', so it's a bit of a different situation then the sentence here. Anyway, both अचछा and बेहतर should be fine here I believe.


I originally had "क्या वह पीटर से गाता अच्छा है?" and it was counted as wrong.

I'm guessing the issue is that I had the adverb after the verb?

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