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Would you be interested in a simplified news website in Czech?

I've recently started studying Norwegian on-line and I've stumbled upon Klar Tale, an easy-to-read newspaper written in simple Norwegian, apparently designed for anyone to understand. That made me remember that while studying German and Italian, I also sometimes used simplified news as resources (like Deutsche Welle's Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten) and that made me think that there's probably no such thing for people learning Czech.

As a native Czech speaker, if I knew that there are people who would enjoy such a project, I would be willing to make a dedicated website and start posting content regularly - I'm thinking a daily recap of what's happened both in the Czech Republic and abroad in sentences using simple words with ideally one idea per sentence. So my (obvious) question is - would you be interested in something like that if it were a real thing?

October 15, 2018



Absolutely!! I skim seznam and flip through the news channels here but it would be great to learn a little more.


There used to be a project like this (look up "simple Czech news") by similar volunteers but it seems they stopped long ago. I don't need it for myself, but knowing how useful are news in simple Finnish for me, I'm pretty sure you'll find audience. Good luck!


It is great to see initiative. Looking forward to your progress!


I would certainly be interested in something like that- I think it could be a great resource!


That is a great idea. Understanding news in a foreign language is challenging. Simplified news would therefore be very helpful.


I think it's a terrific idea, and I hope there will be enough interest for you to get something going!


Yessss! Very much so! I live in Prague and I often try to read the Czech news websites, but I always give up because my understanding is about 20-30%. I would definitely read and recommend your (potential) website to my friends.


Yes!! it would be very useful!!


I would love to have something like this! :)


Very interested. Good luck I hope you do!


Yes, I would, it would be great.


Sounds just great!


Yes, that would be great!


Yes! I was hoping that something like this might exist!

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