October 15, 2018



Hi, ak'oozhlaa' is shown as the correct answer, however, ach'oozhlaa' is shown in tiny cards...which is the correct one?


I think "ach'oozhlaa'" is correct. ak'oozhlaa' doesn't give back any results on google.


duolingo is stupidly picky about using the correct apostrophe here; you may need to copy paste from some navajo sample text online


Yáʼátʼééh! The same problem appears in the word yá'át'ééh (when using the vertical apostrophe), so the exercise is marked as wrong. Instead, when it is not possible to use the curly (right closing single quotation) apostrophe, a space (or nothing) can be used. So, achoozhlaa / ach oozhlaa would be accepted, marking a typo. Anyways, I think it would be nice to accept the use of different apostrophes here. :)

Edit: I am only using the Multiling Keyboard on Android. I think the apostrophe can be typed as Alt+0146 on Windows, but I am not really sure of this. Sadly, the variations I have written above were rejected. Reported. ;)


I'm afraid that neither of the alternatives you mentioned worked for me either, after initially being marked wrong when using the apostrophe marks on my Engligh keyboard. On a previous lesson I had to go to Wiktionary to copy a letter 'i' that had both an acute accent and the nasalization mark below it before being able to complete the lesson.


I am confused. I saw elbow written as: ach'oozhlaa'. Then the same word was spelled:. ak'oozhlaa. May I have the explaination between the two.

Ahéhee. I hope I spelled thank you correctly.


Stay consistent in your spelling, or you may end up not being believed.


yá'át'ééh, it's weird that, that i like ach'oozlaa amd suddenly ot id a right way.. nizoh


Texting the correct word. Your little owl is accepting the correct word.


Same here, it does not accept the punctuations I have on my keyboard.

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