"She is a pretty woman."

Translation:Dia seorang perempuan yang cantik.

October 15, 2018

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Would it still work without 'yang'?


I don't really understand when to and not to use "yang".


There are several words in Indonesian that don’t have any equivalent in English and “yang” is one of those. “Yang” can mean “that is”, “who is” or “which is” and it can be used in several ways. Let’s have a look at “yang” a bit more closely.

The first use we’ll see is when “yang” emphasises a description of a noun. You’re probaby aware that you need to add the adjective (description word) after the noun in Indonesian. For example, to say “new car” you’d use “mobil baru” – literally “car new”.

You can use “yang” to emphasise the description of the car by saying “mobil yang baru” or “car that is new”. This phrase is very slightly different from “new car” because it emphasises that the car is new.



Thank you for your time for the long explanation!


It would, of course.


Why is seorang necessary?


In this case, Seorang is not necessary.

We can say "Dia perempuan cantik." (She is a beautiful woman.), "Dia perempuan yang cantik" (She is a beautiful woman.), "Dia seorang perempuan yang cantik." (She is a beautiful woman).

They are all the same. The difference is "seorang" means one person in indefinite and definite articles (such as "a woman").


What's the difference between wanita and perempuan? Can't I use both?


literally, she is a person, a woman that is pretty


In a previous lesson, duolingo used the phrase "dia adalah perempuan yang cantik". Now in this lesson they have replaced adalah with seorang. Can someone please explain the difference here? Thanks in advance.


Adalah = to be Seorang = a, the indefinite article when speaking about a person.

The full sentence would be "Dia adalah seorang perempuan yang cantik."


I am confused. I wrote Dia wanita indah. I have always learned that wanita means woman and indah means beautiful, as well as cantik..Help please


I think it has something to do with "indah" only being used to describe inanimate objects whilst "cantik" is used for people.


Why learn the difficult one when you also can say dia perempuan cantik


Why is Dia perempuan yang cantik wrong when I use it?


Can i use wanita instaed of perempuan?

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