"क्या जूलिया किसी की पत्नी है?"

Translation:Is Julia someone's wife?

October 15, 2018

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You can use 'किसी की भी' to denote 'anyone's (similarly कोई भी is anyone). For instance, 'Isn't Julia anyone's wife?' would be ' क्या जूलिया किसी की भी पत्नी नहीं है?'


While 'Isn't Julia anyone's wife' could be 'क्या जूलिया किसी की भी पत्नी नहीं है?', you can still use 'anyone' whether or not you're asking a question in the negative; e.g. 'Is anyone here?'

To me, the phrase 'Is Julia anyone's wife?' sounds at least as natural as 'Is Julia someone's wife?' - are you suggesting that to mean 'anyone' would require a negaitve in Hindi or that 'किसी की भी' is required to denote 'anyone's' rather than 'someone's'? If the latter than that would make sense but the addition of 'नहीं' seems to completely change the tone of the question:

a) 'क्या वह किताब आापकी है?'

b) 'क्या वह किताब आापकी नहीं है?'


कोई can mean both something and anything and similarly, किसी can mean both someone and anyone in most contexts. By adding the भी, we specify that we mean anything/anyone rather than something someone. (Actually, कोई भी is a lot like 'anything at all').

There is no particular reason I used a negative sentence in my previous comment and you can just as well use क्या जूलिया किसी की भी पत्नी है = Is Julia anyone's wife?


That's a great answer - good to see a mod regularly answering questions on this board too! Thank you


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I hope Julia is more than that !


I found the statement odd. Is Julia married?would have been better.


To be fair, the statement is just as odd in both languages. 'Is Julia married?' would be 'क्या जूलिया शादीशुदा है?' or 'क्या जूलिया की शादी हो चुकी है?' (literally 'Has Julia's wedding taken place).


शादीशुदा (shaadeeshuda) Should'a, would'a, could'a married her, [American slang for Should have, Would have, Could have], but so glad I married the wonderful woman I did instead! That's my mnemonic. Thanks for the new word Vinay!


Someone and somebody?


That means the same.


I put is julia anybody's wife...it marked me wrong


Is Julia anyone's wife should also be correct, as the word किसी is supposed to mean either. There is nothing in the sentence to indicate it should be definitely one of those words.


This sounds like the start to a great rom com


I think "Is Julia anyone's wife" should also be accepted ("anyone" is even the first of the hover hints!). In the context of a neutral yes/no question, "anyone" and "someone" are nearly synonymous without additional context. As of June 2021, "anyone" is still marked incorrect.

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