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"There are still important weeks and months ahead of us."

Translation:Vor uns liegen noch wichtige Wochen und Monate.

April 2, 2013



The translation: "Vor uns liegen noch wichtige Wochen und Monate." is stilted and wrong word order!

Best way German way would be: "Es liegen (immer) noch wichtige Wochen und Monate vor uns." Whereas "immer" is optional. :-)

It is reported.


Is 'noch immer' a standard phrase? I thought immer meant always ie noch immer = still always, which has a slightly different meaning than just still.


In this example the word 'noch' is more a filler word. It expresses the meaning of (ausserdem, unter anderem) = additionally, by the way, further.

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Small correction to my above comment, the word order is wrong for this example. It is still a valid sentence to say:

"Vor uns liegen noch wichtige Wochen und Monate." is a proper sentence, but it would be an answer to a question like:

Q: You are sailing around the world for 3 months now, what is the outlook for the next part of your journey?

A: "Vor uns liegen noch wichtige Wochen und Monate." in this case I would better say: "Vor uns liegen noch herausfordernde Wochen und Monate."


Its still the same


Uns stehen immer noch wichtige Wochen und Monate bevor should be acceptable IMO


Why wouldn't it take "Vor uns gibt es" as the beginning of this sentence?


I tried "Wichtige Wochen und Monate liegen uns noch vor" and it corrected "vor" to "zuvor"--is that correct? can anyone explain?


Wichtige Wochen und Monate liegen "noch vor uns" would be correct. Not sure about "liegen uns noch zuvor"; "stehen uns noch bevor" would also be correct.

[deactivated user]

    Just curious, seeing as "voraus" was the only translation provided for "ahead": how would one use it in this case?


    I can't think of any use of "voraus" in this context. Ok I can make a text up to fit "voraus" in, but it would need several sentences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DUO's translation is correct, there are not many alternatives as far as I know.

    [deactivated user]

      Yeah, their translation is good, I was just a little bit annoyed that they only gave me one single translation of 'ahead' without telling me how to use it.


      'Es gibt noch wichtige Wochen und Monate vor uns' was accepted.


      I would not have accepted it, because it is not right. This "literal" translation is unnatural and Germans will raise there eyebrows when they hear it!

      DUOs translation is fine, but to accept your version is too slack. Duo should have pointed you to not translate it word by word.

      Sure "there are" means': "es gibt" but it it doesn't work here.

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