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typing on iphone in Navajo

The iphone release showed up in my Duo app and I cannot, no matter what I do, get the app to accept Yá'át'ééh - Hello. No matter which apostrophe I use, the app tells me I am wrong in spelling it. I cannot proceed in this exercise at all

October 15, 2018



and the iphone doesn't show the a-cedilla for yisha and other words


Now it won't accept the translation for cherry


Same problem. I’ve tried downloading a Navajo keyboard, copying and pasting the word from an online dictionary. Nothing works. Is there a way to write the glottal stop?


August 2019: I tried to practice, but still getting stopped by this issue. It didn’t mark me wrong for leaving off the accent marks, and I’ve found most of the special characters on the iphone keyboard, but any word with an ‘ gets marked wrong, even when I try the other options for the symbol. Very frustrating—especially when I see that others have completed the course quickly.

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