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Points per translation

When I do a translation that is only a couple words long, I'll get about 7 points. When I do one that is about 2 paragraphs, I get about 13-14. This makes me always just want to translate the shorter sentences, because it gives me more points for a certain amount of effort. I think a better way to award points would be to give 1 point per certain number of words in the sentence, so if a sentence was ten times as long as another, you would be given ten times as many points for translating it. Just a suggestion.

April 2, 2013



Thanks for the suggestion! We'll think about how to better allocate points for translations.


Stop worrying about points, the aim is to learn the language. Which one is going to have more real world pay off?


I see your point, but points are what motivate many people to learn the language


How many words did you roll over?

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