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  5. "Shiyaagi hózhǫ́."

"Shiyaagi hózhǫ́."

Translation:There is beauty below me.

October 15, 2018



Navajo Prayer (source: www.Gomyson.com)

Hózhǫ́ Náhásdlį́į́ʼ
Koodóó Hózhóodoo
Sitsiji' Hózhóodoo
Shikéédę́ę́ʼ Hózhóodoo
Shiyaagi Hózhóodoo
Shik'igi Hózhóodoo
Shinaadééʼ t'áá ałtso Hózhóodoo
Hózhǫ́ Náhásdlį́į́ʼ
Hózhǫ́ Náhásdlį́į́ʼ
Hózhǫ́ Náhásdlį́į́ʼ
Hózhǫ́ Náhásdlį́į́ʼ

There is beauty again
Beauty will start now
There is beauty before me
There is beauty behind me
There is beauty below me
There is beauty above me
There is beauty all around me
There is beauty again
There is beauty again
There is beauty again
There is beauty again



Thank you for posting this! I am finishing beta level five tonight and saved this skill for last (for now).


Wonderful prayer! ... Reminds me of the breastplate of Saint Patrick


What is the typical use of this phrase?


Yáʼátʼééh! As a phrase, I think this is belonging to the Navajo Chants:

In harmony may I walk.

With harmony ahead me, may I walk.

With harmony behind me, may I walk.

With harmony above me, may I walk.

With harmony underneath my feet, may I walk.

With harmony all around me, may I walk.

It is done in harmony.

Where the word for harmony would be hózhǫ́, and I think the word shiyaagi is translated as underneath my feet. I am not really sure of this, and also it depends of the accuracy of the English translation. :)


Navajo Proverbs and Chants


More info about Navajo songs, from Wikipedia:

Traditional Navajo music is always vocal, with most instruments, which include drums, drumsticks, rattles, rasp, flute, whistle, and bullroarer, being used to accompany singing of specific types of song (Frisbie and McAllester 1992). In 1982, there were over 1,000 Hataałii, or Singers, otherwise known as 'Medicine People', qualified to perform one or more of thirty ceremonials and countless prayer rituals (Frisbie and Tso n.d.) which restore hózhǫ́ which holds the semantic field of 'harmonious condition' and 'beauty', good health, serenity, and balance.


[deactivated user]

    This is very informative! Thanks, I was guessing this was a piece of flirtation intended to be used on somebody much shorter than yourself. Glad I checked the discussion area!


    Thanks a lot Diego!!


    Is there audio yet? Or is it my glitchy fone?


    Not yet unfortunately. :(

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