Translation:E ʻai!

October 15, 2018



Anybody else get "Bob Marley!" As an option? Who decides these things, lol.


i got bob marley on another question ! made me smile ! XD

bob marley to the right


Unfortunately, the picture says This image is no longer available. Visit tinypic.com for more information. (kind of weird how the picture just updates itself like that...)


what and when do you use E?


The "Tips and notes" section for Intro 1 describes two kinds of uses for E, the Imperative E and the Vocative E. This kind is the imperative E because the speaker is telling someone to do something. "E" makes ʻai into a command-type grammatical format. On another page, someone was talking about how parts of speech are more fluid in Hawaiian, like ʻai can be noun (food) or a verb (eat). At least, that was my understanding of it! :D

Here's what the tips and notes say about these two uses of E:

Imperative E

E is used before an action to signify a command or a suggestion. When you say, "E hele", you're telling someone to "Go!"

Vocative E

E is used before a noun (usually a person) to indicate that the person is being addressed.

Ex. Mahalo, e Kawika. ➜ You are saying thanks to Kawika.


This a is dumb question, I'm sure, but where is the tips and notes section?


it's not dumb at all! when you click on a medallion for a skill, above the start button there is sometimes an icon of a light bulb in a circle--that's it! :D


There´s no Tips and notes section in the app, just in the page.


what and when do you use E?


Before using an action word like "e hele"


this is kinda hard to pronounce


E 'ai means eat? When did this lesson happen. I missed it.


I tried E ʻai ʻoe and it said NO.


bob marely to the reescue! lol


I keep saying that is speak not eat idk why tho

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