"Sewa rumah ini mahal sekali."

Translation:This house's rent is very expensive.

October 16, 2018



Also should be accepted is: "The rent for this house is very expensive."

April 27, 2019


I think "very expensive" is a better translation than "so expensive"

October 16, 2018


This is a very badly translated question. It doesnt actually make sense ckearly in eather language do you mean the "ongkos untuk sewa rumah ini mahal sekali"

July 10, 2019


The rent for this house is very expensive, Or better, The cost to rent this house is very high Or better, it is very expensive to rent this house

July 10, 2019


I am not a native speaker but we say "This house rent is very expensive."

July 20, 2019


In English the rent can not be expensive, it is either 'this houses rent is very high' or 'renting this house is very expensive'. The literal translation works in bahasa, but is an error in English.

August 5, 2019
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