"Turkey and apples"

Translation:Tązhii bitsįʼ dóó bilasáana

October 16, 2018



I found this explanation of the term bitsi': https://navajowotd.com/word/beegashii-bitsi/

October 16, 2018


Yáʼátʼééh! I think this is a good resource, and the audio is provided. I can see some Navajo terms as nouns are made by using a verbal phrase, or sometimes with more phrases concatenated and adding an enclitic ending to nominalize verbs. The result is a kind of interesting constructions, for example:

The word for flower is:

chʼil bílátah hózhóón

chʼil (“plant”) + bílátah (“its tips”) + hózhóón (“it is beautiful”)

The word for tank (military vehicle) is:

Chidí naaʼnaʼí beeʼeldǫǫhtsoh bikááʼ dah naaznilígíí

Composed of chidí naaʼnaʼí (“caterpillar tractor”), from chidí (“car”) + naaʼnaʼ (“it crawls about”) + (“nominalizer”); and beeʼeldǫǫhtsoh (“cannon”), from the verb beeʼeldǫǫh (“explosion is made with it”) + the adjectival enclitic tsoh (“big”); and the particle bikááʼ (“on it”) plus the verb dah naaznil (“they sit up”) plus -ígíí (“nominalizer”)



Note: if there are some words with missing characters, I think it is because I cannot copy the vowel ǫ or ǫ́ with the nasal marks.

I hope it helps. And thanks for sharing the grammar resources. :)

October 17, 2018


tąshii bitsįʼ tąshii

December 23, 2018
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