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  5. "Ĝia vosto estas granda."

"Ĝia vosto estas granda."

Translation:Its tail is big.

October 16, 2018



Beware it is a snake :-O I don't know how to say snake in Esperanto (still didn't come across that word), but I'm sure it's some easy and logic word, like most Esperanto words.


ahaa like I said - an easy and logic word; a serpent = serpento; For us Europeans, Esperanto is easy :)


I put, "Its tail is huge" and it was marked wrong. Is there a different word for "huge"?


Yes there is . I think it's ''grandega''. I have learned so far that you need affix -eg for something enormous, so I think it's grandega. If someone knows for sure can rectify me.


Rectify? Dang near killedify!


hmmm I have put into google translate - "Dang near killedify!" but the translation doesn't make sense, is it something colloquial? What is the meaning of that expression? Thnx


The translation SHOULDN'T make any sense. Let me explain.

There's a old joke based on the fact that "rectum" sounds like "wrecked him".

"Wrecked him? It almost killed him."

"Rectify? It almost killedify".


My spell check plugged "it's" into the sentence and the owl dinged me for that. How does one complain about that?


I think that "it's" stands for "it is" and therefore gives the sentence a different meaning. "Its" means that the tail belongs to the (neutral thing) animal. Was that helpful for you in any way?


This one troubled me for years - even as a native English speaker. Logically if "John's" means "belonging to John", then "it's" (so it seemed) should mean "belonging to it."

In fact, we don't say "him's". "Its" is a word like "his" - and has no apostrophe.

But, I think John is Fred is trying to start a conversation about complaining about the autocorrect on his device.


English has a collision between possessive apostrophe-S (belonging to it) and contraction apostrophe-S (it is/has/was). For the word "it", somehow English picked the contraction form to have the apostrophe.

La angla enhavas kolizion inter poseda-apostrofa-S (ĝi-a) kaj mallongiga-apostofa-S (ĝi-estas/estis/estos). Por la vorto "it", la angla ial elektis, ke la mallongiga formo havu la apostrofon.


Yo feets too big!
Viaj piedoj tro grandas!

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