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  5. "Die Maus isst den Käse."

"Die Maus isst den Käse."

Translation:The mouse is eating the cheese.

April 2, 2013



I'm surprised it didn't eat dogs and drink oil...


Shouldn't it be "Die Maus frisst den Käse?"


That would be much more normal. I guess it depends on how much respect you have for mice and whether or not you consider them to be people too.


When is it appropriate to use 'den' as opposed to das/der/die? Thanks!


Not the expert here but "den" is the accusative indefinite masculine article. So "den" is used when it is a masculine word that is the direct object of a sentence. Someone correct me if I'm wrong and I'll delete


Den is the accusative masculine, but it's a definite article (den Käse/the cheese) as opposed to an indefinite article (einen Käse/a cheese). You would use den instead of der when the word that would normally have der in front of it is receiving the action (in this case, who or what is being eaten? The cheese). More info can be found here: http://german.about.com/library/blcase_sum.htm


It accepted "Die Maus ist den Käse". Isn't that wrong? Shouldn't it be isst?


Are you sure it didn't accept a typo of one letter? (I.e. accepting ist instead of isst?)


The problem with ist vs. isst is that they are both actually words.

The mouse IS the cheese, vs. The mouse EATS the cheese.


The former doesn't really make sense - it's a bad choice of words if you mean the colloquialism "he's the big cheese" sort of thing and wouldn't be natural. Or maybe you're making a philosophical point that in the end, the mouse is the cheese. But at the end of the day, I think eating cheese is more natural and likely :)


i heard it as "the mouse eats the CAT" i was confused, Duolingo sure has a way of making things funny.


On my previous attempt I got a translation wrong for using isst instead of frisst with animals. Now it is using isst (so I should have gotten the previous one correct)


I find it hard to differ ist, and isst, I feel it will come up in a scenario where I won't be able to tell the difference. Now that I think about it, I think this will make a good joke. #lifeisdeep


They are pronounced the same. The only difference is in spelling and context. 1 s (ist) = is; 2 s's (isst) = eats


Hello guys! I've got a "pronunciation question" here.. I've heard the word "den" said as /den/ (with "e" sound as in deck) instead of /dean/ (with "i" sound as in teen).. is it correct? (The /word/ is for english-like pronunciation) Thanks!!


I wrote "den maus isst die maus" i thought you could cha ge the word order in german and still make sense if it was is the accusativ and dativ...

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