"I am giving him my eyeglasses."

Translation:Daję mu moje okulary.

October 16, 2018



"Daję mu swoi okulary", why is it wrong?

October 16, 2018


it should be swoje instead of swoi

swoi is the masculine personal form (so like for groups of male people only) and swoje is used for everything else (provided it's plural ofc)

October 16, 2018


Ok how is it "mu" this time. And where I can I finf all the list of form for him for example and when to. Use them. Everyone I think I've got one word I find out I haven't :(

January 16, 2019


https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Polish_pronouns#General for all the forms, it's harder to say when to use which.

"mu" is Dative. The verb "dawać" (to give) takes Dative for the indirect object and Accusative for the direct object.

There are also two alternative Dative forms for "him": "jemu" and "niemu", but the first one is emphatic and there's no reason for emphasis in this sentence, and the other one is used only after prepositions.

January 17, 2019
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