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Progress Tracking

Since we are not able to assign different levels of a skill, I have been looking into each student's activity log for completion. However, there is confusion there. In the Intro skill, for example, if they complete it one time, there are three lessons. If they complete it 2 times, there are 6 lessons. If they complete it 3 times, there are 9 lessons. However, in their activity log, it will only show 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, repeatedly. How do I know when they have completed the entire skill three times?

Thank you

October 16, 2018



Duolingo is a "black box" since the start of the "crown method" (spring 2018).
Fortunately, there is a third party website with progress pages for every Duolingo user:


Background information:


I have students take screenshots that need to include (1) the assigned lesson icon in gold and (2) their profile icon/username as evidence. It's not 100% fool-proof but it's in the 90s and I'm good with that.


Is the schools classroom thing even READY for crown levels L1-L5?

With crowns there is an increase of lessons count between the crown levels per skill.

I am not actively using schools/classrooms; my quick experiment in summer had failed for my EN-PT and PT-DE courses.

Hard to believe for me that staff had enough time to adjust it for Schools when the half-baken "crown update" rolled out between February-April 2018 also to web portal users.....probably to be able to hold any given deadline (I can only guess about an investor thing, meeting set promised business goals, etc.).


Is the schools classroom thing even READY for crown levels L1-L5?

No, it is not.

"Duolingo for schools" ....



Hi Pentaan,

thanks for your explanation.
Makes sense then.

I stopped using it when I saw that my EN-PT A/B tree was not compatible AND I can actually not see the Portuguese words in the PT->DE reverse course.

Seeing the words in the German language (my native language) obviously would not help me very much.

There is no words back translation, whereas our word list (tab) http://www.duolingo.com/words at least shows for my final EN->PT course the Portuguese target and popup English translations.

I wonder where all those English back (base/source language) translations come from as they are not offered in our extended user profiles skill indexes :-(


AFAIK there were only 10 lessons (max) on the old Duolingo strength system for a NEW/unlocked skill.

Completion equals to crown level L1.

For higher crown level L3-L5 the lessons will be much higher.

So it can be expected that Schools/classrooms stop counting when reaching the max 10 lessons total number?


I think, the main problem is:
the bug described in this discussion


Thank you, all for your help. It looks like the www.duome.eu is the way to go. It certainly wouldn't be the preferred way, but at least I can get accurate results. Maybe, in the future, this could be added to the list.

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