German course inquiry

I'm taking German course and I arrive to Pos. Pron. Every time I reach a new level, the next skill, "Nom. Pron" is reached as completed without making anything. In other words: I haven't made any of the levels of the skill "Nom. Pron." and i appears as it has been already done.

October 16, 2018


It is a bug in many courses from the start of the 'crown method' (spring 2018).
And, as usual from spring 2017, Duolingo's staff does not solve this bug either.

October 16, 2018

Not that you should expect any response, but this is maybe still better than doing nothing.

You can't be sure if every thread is read in Troubleshooting when staff only rarely replies and usually does not make a confirmation to the concrete explained problem.

It sometimes happens so....

Or the code crown impact is bigger than doing a quick fix for the half-baken code.

Let's see what happens in ~4-6 months if there will be any further "crown updates".

October 17, 2018
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