"I eat pasta."

अनुवाद:मैं पास्ता खाता हूँ।

May 9, 2014

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Here s is not used I is a singular and we use s in singular if I write "I eats pasta" is it wrong


Yes, it is wrong. I get your point, even though 'I' is a singular pronoun it does not use 's' at the end in any situation. So it is I eat, I play, I drink, I speak etc and never I eats, I plays, I drinks, I speaks etc. Just remember that only 'he, she and it' use an 's' at the end. For all the other pronouns - 'I, you, we and they' you never use an 's'. So that's he eats, she eats, it eats, but it is I eat, you eat, we eat, they eat in all situations. This rule is the same for almost all verbs.

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