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Hola, What is the max XP a student can earn per test? It is my understanding that it is 200. I have a number of students who seemed to earn XP without doing activities. The timestamp is not showing, nor the topic. This is pretty urgent as I have been addressing this as if it were cheating. Can anyone confirm this? Gracias.

October 17, 2018

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I am not certain which test you are referring to. There are many and several offer an opportunity to gain more than 200XP. Here is an overview image of various tests students can participate in (excluding the English certification test, as well as Club feature and TinyCards tests). I will also describe the information in that image below for those who might be using screen readers:

When someone first subscribes to a course, they are offered a chance to take a placement test. If a student successfully tests out of the entire course, they could earn 8000XP+.

So that we are on the same page, I've included some vocabulary so we are using the same words to describe Duolingo features. (Sorry if this is something you already know. I never know where people are at in learning their way around.)

  • Skills are the round icons with pictures and titles under them like "Basics 1" and "Plurals".
  • Inside of Skills are various numbers of Lessons. Each lesson is worth 10XP.
  • Each Skill has 5 Crown levels. (Unless it's a Bonus Skill, those currently max out at 1 Crown.) Each Crown level has a different number of Lessons in it.
  • A person could test out of all 5 Crown levels per Skill, but, they must do it one Crown level at a time. Each Crown level they test out of, they gain 10XP per Lesson in that Crown level.
  • Some Skills have very many Lessons total. In the picture, there is a Skill that has 60 Lessons spread out across all 5 Crown levels. Combined, that Skill is worth 600XP.
    -Another type of test let's learners Test Out of entire Sections. The one in the picture has a Section that is 4 Skills long. If a person successfully tests out of that section, they can gain several thousands of XP.

I hope this helps explain how some of your students might be earning more than 200XP! :)

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