"Aia ke kī ma ka papahele."

Translation:The key is on the floor.

October 17, 2018

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Could papahele also be translated as ground?


I would not think so. Papahele is composed of the word papa meaning board, like a floor board. Ground is lepo. Of course, in pre-contact Hawai'i, the floors were dirt, though then again, they did not have keys either. :)


Is aia always at the beginning of the sentence?


don't ask me i am just a beginner in hawaiian


I'm confused on the usage of "ma" and "i" it asks for both in seemingly the same situations and I dont understand the reason behind using one over the other


They are synonyms when they are used to mean at, in, on (stationary location) and you can use one or the other as you choose. However, only i means to, like to the store.

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