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"This bus has a lot of passengers."

Translation:Bus ini banyak penumpangnya.

October 17, 2018



Ok, a new sentence structure to learn.

"This bus - its many passengers..." is what I read it as at first. Can anyone break it down and explain how it "works"?


I've gathered that it is expressing it in a way like "this bus is multi-passengered" which translates more naturally into this bus has many passengers.

Banyak alone means (adj.) many, but banyak with something behind it makes it into a modified adjective. Banyak operates a bit different to English's many. You'll find this is a couple of languages where people say "These things are many" rather than the English way which is there are many of these things.

I figure it is translating the meaning into more natural English, but the way it is structured is as quoted above.

Hopefully my ill worded explanation is of some help.


Wouldn't "Bis ini mempunyai banyak penumpang" also be an acceptable translation?

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