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"paq tIn wIlegh 'ach wIlaDbe'."

Translation:We see the big book but we do not read it.

October 17, 2018



shouldn't it also accept "we looked at the big book but we did not read it?"


It gets complicated because we don't really have a good verb to exactly match the English "look at" in your suggestion. We have ghan, but I interpret that as more of a quick glance and I interpret your "look at" as a close examination. Perhaps bej for a closer examination like "look at"? I'm not comfortable at this time accepting "looked at" for legh.


why is it not "a book"?


You could also translate the sentence with "a book" -- there are a number of accepted translations that include "a big book".

What was your entire answer?


"A big book" is also accepted and should have been marked correct. If you tried it and it was marked incorrect, it was likely due to some other error.


Ahh thank you! I probably made an additional mistake, but It is good to know that both are accepted. Thanks for such a fast response, both of you!

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