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"paq tIn wIlegh 'ach wIlaDbe'."

Translation:We see the big book but we do not read it.

October 17, 2018



The affirmative phrase have precedence comparated to a negative phrase?


I'm not sure I understand your question. It is also possible to say, paq tIn wIlaDbe' 'ach wIlegh ("We do not read the big book, but we see it.")


I'm not sure whether you understand that there are two sentences here that are joined up into one.

There is paq tIn wIlegh "We see the big book" and there is wIlaDbe' "we do not read it".

Those two sentences are joined by the conjunction 'ach "but", and the result is paq tIn wIlegh 'ach wIlaDbe' "We see the big book but we do not read it."

Each of the two individual sentences has object-verb-subject word order (though only the first sentence has an explicit object and neither of them has an explicit subject), but the sentences follow one another in the same order as in English -- first comes "we see the big book", then the conjunction "but", then the second sentence "we do not read it".


why is it not "a book"?


You could also translate the sentence with "a book" -- there are a number of accepted translations that include "a big book".

What was your entire answer?


"A big book" is also accepted and should have been marked correct. If you tried it and it was marked incorrect, it was likely due to some other error.


Ahh thank you! I probably made an additional mistake, but It is good to know that both are accepted. Thanks for such a fast response, both of you!

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