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  5. "Put the toys back."

"Put the toys back."

Translation:E hoʻihoʻi ʻoe i nā mea pāʻani.

October 17, 2018



What is the role of "i" in this sentence?


I think from what i read in the other threads, that it is a directional object marker to show that the action (putting back) is being done to the object (the toys) ?


Is the ʻoe necessary here? I feel like the "you" would be implied already by the fact that youʻre talking to the person. Unless the ʻoe serves a different purpose here that I donʻt know yet?


No, it's not needed. In Hawaiian, this kind of thing is normally implied depending on who you are talking to (a group, one person, etc.) This sentence with the 'oe included would be like saying "Hey you, go put the toys back."


Edit: The 'oe is used to be more specific. Again, not needed if used in, for instance, a conversation with only one person.


Careful when they say "let's"! "Let's" is a contraction for "let us." So you must use "kāua" with whatever: E ho'iho'i kāua i (Let's put [something] back), E ho'opio kāua i ke kukui (Let's turn out the lights), E ho'oma'ema'e kāua i ka lumi kuke/moe (Let's clean the kitchen/bedroom). Otherwise, they'll stick in "Let's ALL", in which case, you'll use "kākou" in place of "kāua".


"Let's" sentences generally accept either "kāua" or "kākou." I wonder if it would take "'olua" or "'oukou" in place of "'oe" in a command? I'm gonna try, next chance. First test, "E pani ʻokou i nā puka aniani" for "Close the windows." "You used the wrong word."


I want to be able to hear this sentance


This course is still in beta so they will add it soon. For now, just remember that the apostrophes are glottal stops (like the hyphen in uh-oh) and the flat accent marks means you say the vowel longer.


"'oe " is understood and not required in the translation


If we don't understand it, it's not understood! LOL I need to understand it too...


should an answer be marked incorrect for diacritical marks when they are not required in more than 3/4 of the translations


What is the rule using 'oe? when i don't use it, my answer is wrong.

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