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  5. "janvam vIlo'laHbe'."

"janvam vIlo'laHbe'."

Translation:I cannot use this device.

October 17, 2018


[deactivated user]

    It sounded like "jan vang..." to me.


    It can be very hard, indeed, to distinguish m, n, and ng in the recordings. https://d1vq87e9lcf771.cloudfront.net/tlh_v2/3b0248a8be3db05e678f8f5fa9156ab5


    "I am unable to use this device" was rejected. I'm not sure if there's some subtle difference in meaning between that and the recommended translation that makes it unacceptable, or if it's just a variant you didn't foresee.


    Just a missing variation. I've added it now.

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