"What is the name of this company?"

Translation:Apa nama perusahaan ini?

October 17, 2018

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Anybody know if its possible to use 'siapa' instead of 'apa' here, or should that only be used for people?


Is it bad Indonesian to say "apa namanya perusahaan ini?"

I've heard people before say things like "apa namanya kembang ini?", "apa namanya ini", etc, in conversation. Is that just bad Indonesian / not grammatically correct?


The "nya" seems more appropriate when you ask the question this way: "Perusahaan in namanya apa?"


It is the other way around. Some Indonesians like to avoid saying 'you' or 'your' when speaking and use -nya instead. So, apa namanya is more polite.


I would have thought it would be more correct to ask "siapa namanya?" when directed at people.

But I see what you mean. Like "gimana kabarnya" and "gimana kabarmu".

I just had a thought as well maybe that when people are asking "apa namanya kembang ini" it might be due to the more conversational nature when it's verbalised. Like when we say, "What's this called? This flower?", specifying what our first question was about. So maybe instead of "apa namanya kembang ini", it's more like "apa namanya? Kembang ini?".

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