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Suggestion: Let's make our language progress bar more effective.

Hi, I have been thinking about the progress bar recently and thought about the things that could be added to make it even better I believe that if it is called Progress bar then it should give us all the information about our progress.

Here is a picture of a progress bar that I would like to suggest :

So here are my suggestions:

  • Location in a tree

I myself always wondered how many skills are there in a Spanish skill tree. So it could give us a location in a tree. For example there are one hundred skills in a tree (I haven't counted them :) but I have completed only 23 so it would show us 23/100 the same thing goes with lessons and words (forgot to change it)

  • Reading proficiency.

Sometimes when I complete a skill it gives me an approximate number of how many percent of a real Spanish article I can read and understand. I believe it is a really interesting and motivational number so I think that it should be added to our progress bar.

  • Latest certificate result

It could also contain our latest certificate exam results. I think it is a still really useful information and it could be a reminder. For example I see that the last time I took my test was 3 weeks ago. That's a long time! It will remind me and I will take one more :)

Who likes the idea, please upvote it so that people from Duolingo would notice it.

May 9, 2014


  1. You come up with excellent ideas.

  2. How do you get all of these extra...well...things to insert in the screenshot? I mean, since those things aren't really there, how do you make it so it looks like it is in the screenshot?

Edit:3. How did you know I got a 1.73 on my Spanish certificate xD.


I'd say paint..


I don't know for sure, but my guess would either be Photoshop or some clever CSS.


It's an image editing program similar to Photoshop but free.


Yes and it also has some similarity to DL, in that it's contributors improve it for free. GIMP is useful, but once you've used Photoshop everything else seems poor. But GIMP is free! My last PS update, about 7 years ago cost £150.


Oh wow I love this idea. I really like statistics with my learning, it really motivates me and makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere when I can actually see my progress! Great stuff Andrew!


Please get a job at duolingo and do all these things!!! ¡Muchísimas gracias por la inspiración! Sabes lo que quisiéramos


Yes. Yes, we do need this. Honestly, you need to get a job with Duolingo.


Yes! imho, contrary to current dumb-it-down beliefs, people really love to get their eyes on ALL their data, in multiple formats.


Brilliant I say! Brilliant!!! ^=^


The Spanish tree has 64 skills (67 if you count the bonus ones) and 317 lessons (again, like 5 more if you count the bonus ones). Your ideas are magnificent. Especially this one.


You mean 317 lessons?


*facepalm* yes...


Dude, just apply for the Duolingo team already... ... Like that, your ideas will surely be approved faster :D


How do you do that?


This: https://www.duolingo.com/jobs

Surely he/she should go for the design team.


As always, nice suggestions! Here are some thoughts (although I know that this discussion, like all the others, will be ignored by the Duolingo folks): the number of lessons is not so interesting, because it has a direct correlation to the number of skills done. On the other hand, it would be very interesting to know the total number of lessons, including practice and all, a user has done on Duolingo (like 528 regular and 367 timed sessions! Because this number cannot be concluded from the number of experience points. Concerning the reading proficiency, this number is obviously nonsense, a purely made-up number, so I think it's not worth including it.


This is a great idea! I agree; this would be very motivational :D




Wow these ideas are awesome! (: I really like statistics and I think it would motivate me to continue learning languages. And your images are so excellent, great work.


Great ideas! I think there should be more functions also. Like having a red line representing the highest score that the user has done. Maybe have total scores for each week in another graph, so that one can see the hard work done over a greater time period. I think that the Duolingo staff can learn something from how stats in Endomondo is used. That is a work out app that has motivated me a lot in the training. It is always fun to break old records! So, bring on the high scores!


I fully support the above mentioned ideas. There is one case which bothered me throughout the course: CONJUGATION. It is affected by person, number, gender, tense, or other grammatical categories or others. It is not obvious and really not clear for the learners to read for example: Verbs: Present 2 sabe, estudias, sigue, juego, encuentran, queda, llevamos Shouldn’t it to be restricted to ONLY ONE GRAMATICAL FORM/PERSON for example: se, estudio, sigo, juego, encuentro, quedo, llevo Just to emphasize and stay with ONLY ONE GRAMATICAL FORM/PERSON and create some kind of the background to explain, if necessary, of course. It would really help the newcomers, Kind Regards, garbarnia


If I can help:

Present tense only here: yo (o), tú (es/as), él/ella/usted (e, a), nosotros (amos/emos/imos), ellos/ellas/ustedes (an, en)


As a baseball fan I love stats. This would be great for people wanting to figure out where they are exactly in their learning. Awesome ideas!


Honestly, I'd love a word count that showed how many words were up for review. They tell us we need to refresh skills, but if we could check just how vocabulary terms that involved total, I feel like I would be more motivated to make progress reviewing every day.


You sir, are the man.


excellent suggestions with great presentation!


Not sure why they haven't hired you at duolingo yet, but they should.


I love this idea. Although the last grade for certificates could be embarrassing. :)


That sounds like a grand idea, it would help easier tracking and allow myself and others to know what skill or proficiency I/we lack.


this idea really is great!! I always wonder how many words i know and how much i would be able to understand in a common article...with this change, everything will come in handy.. Such an innovative, good idea!


Great idea!I think that if duolingo does that it would make it better!


Great idea you should find a way to contact the people from duolingo to tell them your idea. Keep coming with great ideas like that. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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You can contact them. I have and they answer. Go to the help tab and then scroll down to contact us.

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