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  5. "Hauʻoli ʻoe?"

"Hauʻoli ʻoe?"

Translation:Are you happy?

October 17, 2018



Is hau'oli a verb that means "to be happy"? Or is it just that the verb to be is eluded? If so, does 'Olelo hawai'i have a verb to be?


There is no verb to be. The word hau'oli can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, or adverb.


Hauʻoli is a ʻaʻano. ʻAʻano is a adjective, descriptive word, or a stative verb.


Surely You are happy?", and similar contructions, which are common in English, should be acceptable.


The prompt was a question, and Duolingo does not recognize punctuation. So you have to use proper word order in English for questions so that the system knows you are trying to ask a question instead of making a statement.


That proper word order, in context. "How are you?" "I'm happy." "You are happy? How can you be happy, in a world like this?"


That is proper word order


Again.... Duolingo does not recognize punctuation. You can nitpick semantics all you want, but when "You are happy." and "You are happy?" have the same word order, their computer is not going to ask you questions to clarify or assume that you meant one thing or not another. Please stop trying to obfuscate this simple fact.


The audio does not sound correct. This is for a question, and the intonation for a yes/no question was not used.

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