"Ihre Kleidung ist meistens schwarz."

Translation:Her clothing is usually black.

April 2, 2013

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I don't think "mostly" and "usually" should be interchangeable in this sentence, but I guess it would have to depend on context. When I read this sentence though, I was thinking that it was a description of her clothing as mostly black, not that she usually wore black.


meistens translates as "usually" though. When you say "her clothing is mostly black" (about the same as "mainly") you would probably say "ihre Kleidung ist hauptsächlich schwarz".


I used "mainly" and failed.. Why???


what about die meisten for mostly? thanks


In any case, clothing refers to someone's wardrobe as much as the actual clothes they wear, if i'm not wrong.. So the two translations more or less work equally well.


surely if she usually wears black, her clothing is mostly black.


Can someone tell me why it does not accept "clothes" and only "clothing". If my English is wrong I apologize. :P


What's the difference between "meist" and "meistens"? Both translate to "usually" according to Duolingo.


according to wiktionary, "meist" is formal and "meistens" is more common in speech


How to distinguish between Ihre = your and Ihre = her ....Danke für deine Hilfe


If it's at the beginning of the sentence, you can only distinguish from the context, or by intuition: probably it's a person talking about someone else, because who goes up to a stranger or their teacher to tell them that their clothing is usually black. You know what I mean? ;)
If it's in the middle of a sentence, you can distinguish them because the fromal you is always capitalized: Manchmal ist Ihre Kleidung bunt. (Sometimes your clothing is colorful.)


Why is "mainly" not accepted for "meistens" ?


Seriously? "your clothing is black most of the time" is wrong? Feels a lot more natural to say that "your clothing is most of the time black", which was supposed to be right.


When to use "gewöhnlich" "normalarweise" and "meistens"?

[deactivated user]

    Her clothing is mainly black. Why not mainly


    Someone's been looking in my closet I see


    And she smells of lilac and gooseberries.


    Berghain candidate.


    Meist vs meisten vs meistens?


    Meist and meistens are interchangeable, I believe. They both mean either mostly (like, nearly entirely something) OR most of the time / most often (in the temporal sense).

    Meisten would show up with a definite article in plural to say "most (something / of something)."

    Die meisten Lerner verwechseln das auch. Most learners mix that up too.

    Or with the thing in genitive:

    Die meisten meiner Freunde können kein Deutsch. Most of my friends can't speak German.

    And that Die at the beginning is necessary although it seems strange in English.


    Can das Kleidung be translated as 'Attire'

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