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"Why do you like suspenseful books?"

Translation:Mengapa kamu suka buku yang menegangkan?

October 17, 2018



why not buku-buku?


Why am I wrong to leave out "yang?" Is it because we're using menegangkan instead of tegang??


Does the word for "menegangkan" come from "pegang", in the same way that in English we could say that a suspenseful book is "gripping" (as it holds our attention/interest) or "creating tension"?


I think they have this word wrong ... menegangkan vs. menegangi. me- kan verbs imply movement; me-i verbs are static. Nothing is moving.


A good book can be very moving. But maybe not if you megang tegang? :D

Google translates "menegangkan" to the verb "tense", and "suspenseful" to "menegangkan".

Menegangkan in Indonesian dictionary:

menegangkan /me·ne·gang·kan/ v 1 menjadikan tegang; 2 menarik supaya tegang; meregangkan; merentangkan: suasana menjelang pemilu sangat ~;

When I googled "buku menegangkan", it recommended The Da Vinci Code to me hahaha


Yes, you are right, that is the correct definition.

"tegang" (adjective) = "tense" is the base word of this "me- kan" verb.

It's a causative verb with the meaning "to cause [the base]", "to cause tension", " to cause suspense".


Kenapamu menyukai buku yang menegangkan salah. Mengapa?


Why does buku-buku not work in this sentence? It should be considered correct since the word is plural.

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