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"Why do you like suspenseful books?"

Translation:Mengapa kamu suka buku yang menegangkan?

October 17, 2018



Does the word for "menegangkan" come from "pegang", in the same way that in English we could say that a suspenseful book is "gripping" (as it holds our attention/interest) or "creating tension"?


I think they have this word wrong ... menegangkan vs. menegangi. me- kan verbs imply movement; me-i verbs are static. Nothing is moving.


A good book can be very moving. But maybe not if you megang tegang? :D

Google translates "menegangkan" to the verb "tense", and "suspenseful" to "menegangkan".

Menegangkan in Indonesian dictionary:

menegangkan /me·ne·gang·kan/ v 1 menjadikan tegang; 2 menarik supaya tegang; meregangkan; merentangkan: suasana menjelang pemilu sangat ~;

When I googled "buku menegangkan", it recommended The Da Vinci Code to me hahaha


Yes, you are right, that is the correct definition.

"tegang" (adjective) = "tense" is the base word of this "me- kan" verb.

It's a causative verb with the meaning "to cause [the base]", "to cause tension", " to cause suspense".

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