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  5. "yIt be' 'ej qet loD."

"yIt be' 'ej qet loD."

Translation:The woman walks and the man runs.

October 17, 2018



Just a question: Where I use 'ej and where I use je?


'ej goes between sentences or other verbal clauses.

jIghung 'ej bI'oj I am hungry and you are thirsty;
jIghungchugh 'ej bI'ojchugh, Qe' wISuch If I am hungry and if you are thirsty, we visit a restaurant.

je as a noun conjunction goes at the end of a list of noun phrases.

Soj HIq je food and alcohol
Soj vISoppu'bogh HIq Datlhutlhpu'bogh je food which I have eaten and alcohol which you have drunk

je as an adverbial goes after a verb to mean also, too. There is usually some element of the previous sentence that is being repeated.

jISoppu'. bISoppu' je. I ate. You ate too.
Soj vIje'pu'. vISoppu' je. I bought the food. I ate it, too.


qatlho' 'ej Qapla'!


Have you been reading the tips and notes for each unit?

The tips and notes for the very first unit, "Phrases" (aka "Useful phrases") have a section for Joining nouns with and without "and": https://www.duolingo.com/skill/kl/Useful-phrases/tips-and-notes

The tips and notes for the "Basic" (aka "Basic sentences 1") skill have a section for Joining two sentences with "and": https://www.duolingo.com/skill/kl/Sentences-1/tips-and-notes

Together, they should answer your question.

If you haven't found the tips and notes yet -- for most users, they are only available on the website https://www.duolingo.com/ , not in the mobile apps.

After you have clicked on a unit to select it, a little window should appear; click on the lightbulb to access the tips and notes for that unit:

If you only have a mobile device, you may be able to use your device's browser (rather than the Duolingo app) to visit the website and access the tips and notes.

I strongly recommend reading the tips and notes before starting a new lesson unit.

If you have questions even after reading the tips and notes, please do comment on what seems to be missing or contradictory; we would like to improve notes, though occasionally we run into space constraints.


Ok, I'll follow your council, to read the tips and notes before start a new lesson. qatlho' for all support 'ej Qapla'!


Thank you!

We've put a fair bit of work into them and hope that they will keep answers to frequent grammar questions in one place rather than scattering them throughout dozens of sentence discussions.

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