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  5. "Astaga, apa kamu jatuh?"

"Astaga, apa kamu jatuh?"

Translation:Gosh, did you fall?

October 17, 2018



In that case, "Astaga" can also be: "Gee", "Oh my God", "Oh my gosh", "Good heavens", "Golly", "By golly", "By gum", "Oh my", "Gracious", "Gracious me", "By Jove", etc, etc, etc.....


Halo teman! Perhaps, all these variations could be added using the report button. Please, try sending the report / reports. ;)

Selamat belajar! :)


No one ever says gosh anymore in Australia. Not since 1950 movies.


Gosh is used a lot in Indonesian films according to a command in this lesson. It's not the same gosh in English.


That's interesting. I am confused though, as to why I have been given a minus arrow by someone, when I am just stating a fact about it's usage in Australia. I would not want to be laughed at for using an outdated expression in Indonesia. My comment was meant to help.


Shouldn't it be "Astaga, apakah kamu jatuh"?


Apa in this case is just the short, less formal version of apakah

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