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Numbers? English sentences?

Why bother including numbers or sentences in English in the translation exercises? Makes me feel I am gathering undeserved skill points.

July 10, 2012



Bizarre, isn't it? I've just been working through "Du nouveau pour le permis de conduire?". Transalate "1." for (+6) skill points. D'oh! Now make sense of a SEVENTY WORD sentence written in typical French; ponderous, preposition-laden and containing just two commas, for a grand total of (+15).


indeed, so do I but being a French native, these bonuses are good to have, believe me!


Yes, this is something they should look at fixing. However, in the meantime you can just skip over the too easy translations if you feel that they are 'undeserved' points. That's what I do.


Normally, if you "translated" them once, you will not get the points again for their appearances in other articles (they should already be flagged).

I do agree that the difference in points between easy and difficult sentences is way too small.

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