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Thanks Duome.eu, you are awesome!

I just wanted to highlight 2 more new features I can see there, besides RAW:

Now we can check what the level of our Trees are


Also, the flags/badges for Hawaiian and Navajo have been there for several days already, but not on Duolingo (At least for me... I just see gray circles)


I just wanted to thank Duome.eu. There have been many improvements during the last weeks and I always enjoy checking that website more and more. Full of statistics, which I love :D

October 17, 2018



Neat! Duome is excellent - kudos to the folks who run it.

October 18, 2018



thanks for highlighting the new L2-L5 ring and "L5 crown gold" icons.

Cudos to the Duome.eu author for realizing our dreams.

Duolingo would not be that much fun without your Duome web portal!


As soon as I wrote "crown L5 gold" vs "golden (strength) tree" a few days in 1-2 threads, suddenly it is there ...HAHA ;)

However, I can barely see all ring colors with the display f.lux software (reduces blue light) at night :-)

I'll have to re-check tomorrow with 6500k daylight.

Crown symbol: White text vs (black) text on hover-over

This somehow includes the small white rendered crown numbers text in the icons itself which are on my Duome progress page:

I definitely have some difficulties in reading them. Who else?

Couldn't e.g a black text for crown hover-over maybe improve the readability a bit more?

Tree competition statistics for a given language pair:

Now it is even more fun to explore your concrete tree competition statistics (levels, crowns, vocab lexemes) where all the symbols are at the top right page as shown/explained like in the screenshot.

http://www.duome.eu/ FROM / TO (with no blanks)

Best regards / Viele Grüße


Normally you can drag the f.lux light slider back and forth as you like to change the k setting temporarily. (At least on my Windows version I can do that)


If you're using flux, please consider converting to redshift, the free GNU open-source alternative! You can compile from source below or install a binary and configure with conf files or even a fancy GUI! :D



Yes, I love this. And just in time for my newly regilded Russian tree to gain its ring and change from green to red. It is silly how pleasing these sort of things are, but they are. Thank you:) So much better than those stupid achievements duolingo insists on cluttering up our profile pages with, with their pathetic childish graphics.



I have to admit it: I miss the "shiny golden tree" achievement which showed me the concrete numbers:

X of y (91) skills are golden already.

Duome.eu currently misses this skill counting information for my given 80% percentage strength bar.


Amazing! I too saw these, but didn't know how to do screen-shots, so decided to let someone else do it for a change. Thanks!


Yeah, it would be nice to see these same things on Duolingo too


Now we can check what the level of our Trees are

The limited constituency who have a streak of over five years can. Everyone else seems no longer to have any flags in the streak HoF.

Also, the flags/badges for Hawaiian and Navajo have been there for several days already, but not on Duolingo (At least for me... I just see gray circles)

They display correctly on Duolingo for me.


Really? I cannot see them for some reason. I use Chrome on Windows 7and actually it didn't happen to me until now. I chacked if Chrome is updated and it is. Any suggestion?


I'm not an expert in these things. Most people use Chrome, however, so I'm sure there would be many more complaints about this if it were down to the browser (DL is supposed to be optimised for Chrome). There have been some complaints about this, though, so you're not alone.

Refreshing your browser cache and deleting your temporary internet files might help, as all the flag icons are stored in a single file, so if this file is out-dated, new icons won't display. Not being a user of Chrome, I can't tell you exactly how to do this, but I'm sure it is quite straightforward when you are in setting/options/whatever it might be called. It is also possible that you might have engaged a setting that causes old files to be cached for longer than desirable rather than being re-downloaded.


Quote Garpike: The limited constituency who have a streak of over five years can.


I wish the Duome.eu author could add ALL language flags and new L1-L5 crown icon golden renderings to the bronze / silver, gold, platinum etc. sub listings.

It it sometimes nice to be able to find people who learn Portuguese from one or multiple base languages.

Is there any problem with the bigger data / html page content why the Duome.eu web portal can now only show the flags for Ultimate (5+ years) users? Does it take too long?

Cleeent's SHOF last listing showed ALL the flags for every listed user: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25178639/Streak-Hall-of-Fame-2017-11-12-edition


Is there any way I can look at the "Hall of Fame" without the link? :)


I just noticed tonight in the "Languages" box that the icon showing the crowns earned appears in front of the flag/tree level badge.

I don't think that was there yesterday! (only 36 more to get into the junior Crowns HOF :)


I can’t seem to find the tree levels anywhere, where are you seeing them? I’m really interested in being able to see that kind of info.


This is great! Thank you Duome


[REQUEST] - A new symbol next to "Streak" representing "Total Days Practiced": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28780573

I see the "+x" number of the previous streak is already displayed below our current streak on our Duome.eu userprofile page.


So there is one feature of Duome that is a mystery to me and I'm hoping you or someone else on this discussion might be able to explain... On the streak HOF, some entries have a series of 1-8 small black to grey dashes under the number of days. Also, the dot between the number of days is usually grey, but sometimes black.

What is being counted here???


Can I ask why I don't appear on the lists of duome? I mean I see my page, progresses etc. but if I click, example, the Esperanto badge I see an other person who is called jaden but is not me. I tried with the Japanese badge (I have a golden owl) but I don't exist either in that list. I notice the same problem when I click the link on the original post. I have to earn an other golden owl to be visible on the lists or I had to have more steak days?


To appear on duome.eu you need to have over an 100 day streak at some point. It doesn't matter if you lost a 100+ day streak, because duome.eu remembers the streak. It seems that you've never had a 100 day streak at any point, so you don't appear

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