"bang bom"

Translation:a love song

October 17, 2018



Does {bang} mean "beloved" in a strictly romantic context?


Edited based on the following discussion.

Perhaps. I always assumed it could refer to family and close friends. But it seems in canon it is just used for romantic partners.


How did you determine that? It has only ever been used in canon about romantic partners. KGT uses the word a lot to describe bang bommey love songs (used in Klingon courting) and bang pongmey pet names (used between romantic partners). ST3 uses it in the romantic sentence (Qapla', jawwI', bangwI' je Success, my lord and my love). TKW uses it in reH bang larghlu' Love is always smelled (used in reference to courting behavior).

So unless there's canon I'm not thinking of, bang does appear to be used strictly in a romantic context.


Good points. The dictionary definition had inclined me to interpret it more broadly. "Love" can be used as a way to refer to more than just a romantic partner. "One who is loved" even more so (though I recognize it may just be there for clarification that it's a person rather than a feeling). And Klingonists often add "beloved" which I use almost exclusively for non-payment romantic relationships. But now having been confronted with the canon I see that I may be wrong.

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