I would really like a tutorial explaining what the lessons include, how to move through them, what the icons are for and awards

October 18, 2018


There isn't really a tutorial, though I can help you get around Duolingo a bit if you'd like! I've been on Duolingo since 2015 so there's some things that have been taken out that may have made it easier for newer people.

For example: Before the "crown update" users were able to preview which were in the lesson before going in, now you just have to memorize the words.

Not sure what you mean by move through them, if you could elaborate on that, that would be great.

And the icons (I'm assuming you mean the lesson icons) are a key and a lightbulb. The lightbulb is for tips and grammar notes. The key is to "test out" of a skill, which is basically a test you take to skip a skill/skill level.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Laki maikaŹ»i!

Thanks, Yellowist. I have mostly found things by clicking. At the moment, (in regard to another post) I'm learning Hawai`ian, and the practice says 36/36 and doesn't start at 0 and go up. I'm sure hoping that doesn't mean I go on and on in that practice without being able to move to the next level. I'm at least half way through, but I did not keep count. There's the "score" per day... So hoping that there's not a bug in this beta phase on this practice that keeps one stuck. I don't really understand Crowns even though I read about them and am much more interested in learning than in accumulating Crowns.

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