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  5. "Nos enfants sont malades."

"Nos enfants sont malades."

Translation:Our children are sick.

April 2, 2013



Nous and nos sound the same... is this a problem??

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They don't sound the same. And what would "nous enfants" mean?


nos enfants sont malades is translated into our children are mad, also when repeating the sentence. That is mad

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"Malade" can mean different things. It is an adjective in this sentence. In that sense, it would generally mean "sick/ill". It can be used (in a familiar sense) to mean "mad", i.e., crazy. Il a l'esprit malade = he is mentally ill. Tomber malade = to fall ill, to get sick. Note that "sick" does not refer only to nausea; it may be used in many ways, just like malade, e.g., malade de jalousie (sick with jealousy, horribly jealous). "Malade" may also be a noun, meaning a sick person, i.e., a patient. Source: Larousse

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