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"Você tem alguma pergunta sobre esta lição?"

Translation:Do you have any questions about this lesson?

April 2, 2013



Wouldn't it be more correct to say "Você tem algumas perguntas sobre esta lição" ?


Once the translation in english is "questions" we'd think it is better to translate perguntas. But thats not the way we ask that. We say "você tem alguma pergunta?"


One way to think about it more literally is "do you have some question...?" It's not normal English, but I think it bridges the gap a bit.


So couldn't an acceptable translation be: "Do you have a question about this lesson?"


that would be literally "Você tem UMA pergunta sobre esta lição?" The translations into Portguese for Some/Any are: Algum, alguma, alguns, algumas, nenhum, nenhuma. ;)


if so, why was not accepted my ”...some question...”?


“Do you have some question about this lesson” has a very challenging tone in English, implying that a potential questioner risks the wrath of the teacher. Presumably, the Portuguese sentence is a straight forward invitation to ask a question.


Considering that this translation (alguma pergunta--> any questions) is not literal anyway, I agree with Jason that 'a question' should be acceptable. Why can Duo give non-literal translations that make more sense, but the user can't?


Do you have SOME questions about this lesson I know it's not perfect english but am I not correct


What about using "qualquer" instead of "alguma"?


"qualquer" is the translation for "any" in affirmative statements.

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