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  5. "He and I are rich."

"He and I are rich."

Translation:Saya dan dia kaya.

October 18, 2018



So, if in indonesian there is no priority order in pronouns list, would you care to correct "Saya dan dia" to "Dia dan saya"?

Else, we need to know there is a rule or not for that, it's a bit confusing


I would like to know this as well; if there's a ruel or not.


I believe there is no rule but usually saya comes first, any way it doesn't matter what it is in INDO, but if you are asked to translate (I) comes last in english


If its 'saya' first then why is 'he' first?


In English, the pronoun "I" has to be put at the end of the subject. • "He, she, and I" is correct ✔. • "I, he, and she" or "He, I, and she" is incorrect ❌.


I think there's a problem with the question...


If you are to instructed to translate to english, Grammatical rules still apply ("I" or when referring to your self), you are always mentioned last.. (everyone else comes before you)


Because in English the grammatical rule dictates that He or You comes before I. I could be wrong because I've only just started learning Indonesian, but the rule is I comes before He or You


I remain totally confused.

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