Thank you for this wonderful course!

After a few months of working on the Greek tree, I am about to start my final branch. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this lovely course. I am enjoying every minute I have spent here and I have gained a lot from it so far. I did take lessons previously with a teacher for a few months but grammar didn't make any sense until I started this course. Now I understand how this language works and I am far better off than when I started. On top of it, it didn't cost me anything! absolutely free!

Thank you so much,


October 18, 2018


Many thanks, Dima, for your kind words. We are very happy you were able to learn Greek here and that you enjoyed it too. That is the aim of everyone on the team and hearing it brings us great satisfaction. We are in the process of creating a new and of course much-improved tree which I hope you will find even more helpful.

Best wishes on your further endeavors.

October 18, 2018

The Greek course is short and sweet, a nice beginning to my favourite language, hopefully if the tree is expanded upon then the grammatical lessons will be kept at the start and additional lessons used for less common vocabulary only. I do not like how most trees here restrict very important lessons for later but that's just my opinion, hopefully you can take this into consideration. Thank you ;)

October 21, 2018

Thank you very much we're so glad yo find the course beneficial. And your advice about the structure of the course is appreciated; it's so helpful to know what things learners find helpful to guide us in creating the new tree which is underway.

October 22, 2018
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