"Apa dampak buruk dibangunnya gedung itu?"

Translation:What are the negative impacts from that building being constructed?

October 18, 2018

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I'm having a difficult time understanding the function of dibangunnya.


Halo teman! I think it is a kind of nominalization (or gerundization ?), by using the enclitic "-nya", translated as "the". Then, the passive form "dibangun", "is / are constructed" becomes "dibangunnya", "the construction / the process of being constructed". Perhaps, nominalization is not the accurate name for this grammar structure, because a "verbal nominalization" is referred to the use of the suffix "-an". So, the use of "-nya" here would be to transform the verbal phrase into a possessive noun phrase, like this:

dibangunnya + gedung itu = the construction of that / the building / those / the buildings

Another translation suggested by Duolingo, for this Indonesian sentence, is:

What are the negative impacts from the construction of that building?

Still, I cannot assure why the English "from" is used here. But, I think the whole sentence without "apa" (what is / what are) can be read as the concatenation of three noun phrases with a possessive structure:

Apa + (zero copula) = What (are)

dampak buruk + dibangunnya + gedung itu = the negative impacts from / of the construction of that building

Please, take in account that I could not explain this so well, because it is just my point of view. And, I think some Indonesian speakers could explain it much better.

Selamat belajar! :)


I would say it's similar to the English — you have a free choice of either:

"of that building being built" (verbal structure)


"of that building's being built" (nominalization)


Shouldn't the Indonesian sentence read: "Apa dampak buruk AKIBAT dibangunnya gedung itu?"


Observation: the translation of "dampak" seems inconsitent in this unit (and may be others). Sometimes it is translated as "impact" and other times as "impacts". It likely stems from the indefinite rule governing the use singular vs. plural nouns in Indonesian language, which makes it difficult to guess whether "dampak" should be translated in singular or plural form.


This question was particularly terrible to answer because it forced me to write "being constructed" instead of "being built"

Both plural "impacts" and singular "impact" should be accepted for "dampak". I would only ever use "impact" though.

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