Intro Skill - A Sentence Compilation/List.

Hi there! Here is a compilation of all the sentences from the Intro skill in the Navajo course. I’ve only included sentences with more than one word however, as I wanted to focus on more complicated sentences. So you won’t see sentences with only one word like “Hello”, “Thank you”, and “Goodbye”.

Lesson 1

  • Ahéheeʼ shimá. – Thank you mother.
  • Yáʼátʼééh shimá. – Hello mother.
  • Hágoóneeʼ shimá. – Goodbye mother.

Lesson 2

  • Yáʼátʼééh abiní! – Good morning!
  • Yáʼátʼééh dóó ahéheeʼ. – Hello and thank you.
  • Haash yinilyé? – What is your name?
  • Yáʼátʼééh dóó haash yinilyé. – Hello and what is your name.
  • Yáʼátʼééh abiní haash yinilyé? – Good morning, what is your name?
  • Ni haash yinilyé? – What is your name?
  • Yáʼátʼééh abiní shimá. – Good morning mother.
  • Yáʼátʼééh abiní dóó ahéheeʼ. – Good morning and thank you.

Lesson 3

  • Naat'áaniinééz góó déyá. – I am going to Shiprock.
  • Daʼ Naat'áaniinééz góó diníyá? – Are you going to Shiprock?
  • Shimá Naat'áaniinééz góó déyá. – Mother, I am going to Shiprock.

I hope you found this a useful resource. If people find this useful I'll do a sentence compilation for every skill in the Navajo course. Let me know what you think! :-)

October 18, 2018


Small corrections:

abiní should be abíní

diníyá should be díníyá

yinilyé should be yinílyé

-góó ("to") should be written attached to the previous word

October 18, 2018

Do not forget to attach the ’ (glottal stop) preceding the vowel "a" in ’abíní. :) But otherwise, t’áá ’ákót’é.

October 20, 2018

If you can continue doing a compilation it will help me greatly in creating videos for pronunciation and correction of the words and phrases.

October 20, 2018

Will try to. That's my current plan.

October 22, 2018
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