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De-activation didn't work?

Hello. I recently decided to de-activate my account of owenkobrien because I wanted to start anew on all of my lessons. I tried to make a new account with the e-mail that was attached to my old account, but it said it was taken! Does it take a while for it to update and allow me to use that e-mail, or will I never be able to? Thank you!

April 2, 2013



When you create a new account you need to use a new email address. You'll want to sign up with a different address.


You might want to give people a heads-up before deactivating their accounts. Something along the lines of "If you deactivate your account, you won't be able to ... Do you really want to proceed?"


That is a great idea. We can work on the messaging. We can reactivate accounts in the meantime :)


Thank you for the clarification!

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